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About me

My name is Ilana Shmula, born in 1981 , married and mother of three boys aged 6-11, we live in a kibbutz in the north of Israel. Since childhood I have had a strong connection to the spiritual world, sometimes I used to pray to God before going to bed, thanking for what I have and wishing for what I don't have, without any religious or traditional affiliation but because of an unexplained need. In most cases my wishes came true in reality and in very unusual ways, for example, when I wished to receive some object, after a while and without noticing I found myself surrounded by these objects. It is important to note that I did not really associate this prayers with the results, I did not know whether it was a coincidence or an answer to my prayers. As I grew older, I kept asking myself  - is there a direct and tangible connection between my prayers and reality?

Do we born into this world to serve the material, or to chase after money in order to realize our dreams? Do we have to fight and work hard for everything we want to achieve? In my 30s I was exposed to the book "The Secret" and then... my life changed. I understood why the small wishes, with less importance, came true easily and the big wishes were delayed in arriving, I understood that we are responsible for everything that happens to us for better or for worse, we are in constant search for who or what will make us happy and who is to blame when we suffer, we do not dare to ask and dream things" big" because we don't believe it will happen or because we don't "deserve it".

Understanding how the subconscious works has changed my life, now I live very consciously! My wildest dreams are coming true and it doesn't surprise me at all. I know that everything that happens, happens for my benefit, even things that seem, on the surface, less pleasant or those that take more time. My children are growing up by this belief and my hope is to pass this belief on to you and your child as well, it's a shame to wait 30 years to understand that everything could have been, so much simplier.

professional background

CFO for about 15 years - combines my life with substance and spirit .Painter - realistic art, mainly oil on canvas. Painting is a passion since childhood, in the past I tried to turn it into a profession and even devoted several years for painting, my paintings were sold around the world, were shown in exhibitions and even won several competitions, but I was not happy - I was lonely and tormented, I decided to leave the field of art on a "low fire" until I found out my דelf Realization. Since I was exposed to the book "The Secret" I plunged into the spiritual world, dedicated myself to learning about the subconscious, guidance, channeling, healing and more - I absorbed information, I couldn't stop - a whole, magical and fascinating world opened up to me and was revealed to my eyes - literally!

Writing a children's book was an idea  for many years, I was waiting for the right moment  to implement my idea.

In 2021, I had a dream in which I received a clear message that it was time, I immediately knew what I had to do and so I did.

אילנה שמולה ציירת ויוצרת הספר הוסמוסה כוחות על זה לא סיפור
אילנה שמולה יוצרת ספר ילדים על הגשמה עצמית
אילנה שמולה יוצרת הספר הוסמוסה כוחות על זה א סיפור
אילנה שמולה יוצרת ומאיירת הספר הוסמוסה כוחות על זה לא סיפור
אילנה שמולה ציור שמן על קנבס חרצית
אילנה שמולה שמן על קנבס
אילנה שמולה שמן על קנבס
שמן על קנבס - רבין
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