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About me

Ilana Shmula was born in 1981 and lives on a kibbutz in northern Israel. She is married and the mother of three boys, aged 6 to 11. Since childhood, Ilana has felt a deep connection to the spiritual realm, often praying to God before sleep not out of religious obligation but from a natural inclination. Throughout her life, she noticed her prayers often came true in unexpected ways, although it was unclear whether these were answers to her prayers or mere coincidences.

A pivotal moment in her life occurred in her 30s when she encountered the book "The Secret." This discovery reshaped her understanding of how desires are manifested, explaining why minor wishes seemed to come true effortlessly while more significant ones took more time. It fostered a firm belief in personal responsibility for life's outcomes, both positive and negative. Armed with this knowledge, Ilana adopted a more conscious lifestyle, convinced that everything happens for her benefit, even if it doesn't immediately seem favorable.

Ilana's deep faith in the power of the subconscious and the law of attraction now guides her life and the way she raises her children. She is passionate about sharing these insights, aiming to encourage others to realize their potential and achieve their dreams without waiting decades to appreciate the simplicity and power of intention in shaping reality.

professional background

Ilana Shmula has been a CFO for about 15 years, integrating her professional expertise with a profound spiritual perspective. Besides her corporate role, Ilana is a dedicated painter, specializing in realistic art with oil on canvas. This passion for painting has been with her since childhood. Although she once pursued art professionally, exhibiting internationally and achieving notable success, the solitary nature of the work led her to eventually scale back her artistic pursuits in search of deeper personal fulfillment.

Her spiritual journey gained momentum after encountering the book "The Secret," which drove her to explore various aspects of spirituality such as the subconscious, guidance, channeling, and healing. This exploration opened up a new, magical world to her, enriching her understanding and experience of life.

Ilana has also aspired to write a children's book, a dream that came to fruition in 2021 following a revelatory dream that it was the right time to do so. This marked a significant milestone in her journey, merging her creative talents with her spiritual insights to inspire younger generations.

אילנה שמולה ציירת ויוצרת הספר הוסמוסה כוחות על זה לא סיפור
אילנה שמולה יוצרת ספר ילדים על הגשמה עצמית
אילנה שמולה יוצרת הספר הוסמוסה כוחות על זה א סיפור
אילנה שמולה יוצרת ומאיירת הספר הוסמוסה כוחות על זה לא סיפור
אילנה שמולה ציור שמן על קנבס חרצית
אילנה שמולה שמן על קנבס
אילנה שמולה שמן על קנבס
שמן על קנבס - רבין
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