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New life- new beginnings- Divine guide to supreme happiness, discovery of self-fulfillment.Dive into a world of pure energy, mind-altering, positive and immediate life improve. automatic writing 2023

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new life new beginings-divine guid for heppiness:

Listen to your heartbeat!

Pay attention to your heartbeat, we do not tend to pay attention to our heartbeat, but it is an important thing to do since it is not self-evident.

From the moment we begin to pay attention to the activity of the heart, from time to time we will feel life within us, this energy makes our continuous heartbeats.

The heart is a very central source of energy in each of us, it needs to be given the right emphasis so that it continues to serve as this energy source.

Once we don't pay attention to it, we move away from the purpose for which we came into this world, instead we are focusing on everything except the goal itself.  Part of the goal is to know what was the goal in the first place in order to fulfill our role correctly.

What does this mean?  Very simple, from the moment we are born, there is something that we must complete, something that is critical and very important.

love youself

The secret is in the heart!

 At the heart of human being lives the secret, to discover it and our purpose, we must complete the correct order of things, the correct order of the actions we perform.

Many people go back and forth, walk in circles, revolve around themselves. In the end they may reach the goal but in the wrong order, too late or not at all. They are afraid to discover it , neglecting themselves and the Spirit of God that dwells in them.  Therefore, a state of complete disharmony arises between the person and the heart, which triggers depression, anxiety, fear and so.

The connection to the heart is done by maintaining an initial identity which not distorted by information that is inserted into the person from birth. We are born to families with certain beliefs and habits in which we discover ourselves and our preferences, but the truth is that this is simply not true. If we decide to connect with ourselves from birth, we will understand the goal and will do everything to fulfill this goal.

"Easy to say"

 It makes sense to say that, and it's true. After all, everything is much easier said than done, but it's no a secret that nothing comes easy unless we treat it this way.

It's a pity that only now do you dare to understand things that you should have understood many years ago, the years have been spent on you in all kinds of events and situations which didn't necessarily make you wonder about your goal; therefore, I will say only one thing - it's a pity.

It is a pity that you did not do what you wanted, and it is a pity that you gave yourself the possibility of renunciation, surrender in the face of the great power in you.

Our hearts have a great secret, a secret that people are afraid to handle, afraid to ask questions and afraid of losing what they have.

The question is simple - are you afraid?

Maybe you're afraid you won't be able to face the truth.!.!

What, then, is the truth? 

So simple, don't believe anyone unless it evokes a strong emotion of power and faith in yourself, an emotion in which people simply melt into themselves, into the vast being of the present – of now, of happiness.

 Pure feeling of love and joy.

You probably haven't had much, if any, such feeling. That's why I say now - stop!

Stop to amuse yourself with cheap and insignificant amusements, just listen to your heart and what it must tell you because this is the most important thing you need to do now and forever.

Every unnecessary moment, anything beyond what is being said now is not important except the secret that lies within the infinite energy within you.

Energy of life, joy, and happiness.

Energy is changing world, changing people, cells, countries. Everything is possible with this energy if only we know how to use it from now and forever!

True divine energy

Now leave the unimportant things you're stuck in, put down your pencils and mobiles. You must understand that there is no substitute for something so transcendent, so eloquent and so pure as true divine energy emanating from each of you at any given moment into your life and environment.

It has an astronomical effect, an inexhaustible super-capable influence on everything that can be described, and it is through the energy work of your heart that is within you.

End the unimportant stuff, put aside all the things that limit you because nothing really limits you, that's obvious! You can't stop the world from moving, you can't stop thinking or stop creating! You are complaining about what is without realizing that time is an inseparable part of the universe and is being missed big time.

Let's assume we are a clock.

Ticking and ticking all day without any purpose, showing the time but nothing useful comes out of it except for schematic information of an hour - this is exactly how you measure your heartbeat, but it is far from reality. The heart doesn't tick just to give information to graphs, it has strong powers beyond that which you cannot control, that's where we come in.

We will teach you how to control the energy of the heart, this pure energy that has been hidden from you in a very strict and sophisticated way so that you will not be able to understand at all the powers you have, what abilities you can perform using a standard and simple heart signal.

There is no limit to what a person can do. Remember this and write down this sentence, this is not a theory - it is a proven fact, and we will prove to you how blind you have been all your life and how much information you are going to discover, how much power you have and how much influence you can have on the environment and matter.

Let us explain it to you and then use it while you can, spread this information further. It is time to reveal the world what has been so carefully hidden from you.

Use your power to drive disturbing thoughts away.

Let's start with the fact that it is important to understand that thought is in the head and emotion in the heart, there is no place for thought but for thought which paves the way to the heart. That is, as soon as the heart is ready to receive information, it receives it from the head and the head outlines the correct course of action.

Have you heard of thought creating reality? Yes, but it's not the same concept - it's close, it's significant but it's misses a small matter here.

It is possible to work with the heart only with intentional and productive thoughts.

What does thought produce?

 Let's say for example, we really want to go to the theater, eager and ready for it, but there are many reasons that can ruin it, there are many things that can happen in between. We will consider, compare, start analyzing information, then pass on to heart the last pieces of information we thought about - only if everything is sorted out and if the idea can be implemented will we go to the theater. The problem is that the heart does not act out of reason, and certainly not out of crumbs of thought, but from thought which produces truths.

Therefore, for thought to produce truths we will not consider, analyze anything - we will simply transmit to our hearts a pure intention of will. A simple and pure desire of what we want to do or achieve. From this moment on we will focus on our heartbeat and listen to the beats several times until we feel it beating inside our body.

We will need a quiet environment without any noise around , just focus on the heartbeat as it really is.

Try to feel our heart as we have never felt before and then let go of that thought.

Let go of fears and considerations and simply let the heart release out pure energy of intention.

Our heartbeats are pure energetic pulses that have an invisible and imperceptible magnetic field, strong in insane intensities.

This feeling in which we avoid doing something because of fear, blocks this magnetic field and has no transmission to the outside world.

This blockage puts us in a state of stress, fear, and anxiety, all this energy mixes with the body disorderly and causing damage to internal organs, bones, and head. This energy must be released in a pure, strong, rhythmic, and consistent way.

These energetic pulses are transmitting to the world a consistent order in which both our activity and our environment are in the right order, in result, the events in our life look completely different.

These energetic pulses can only leave the body when we give it a strong awareness, importance, and true power that it is.

New World Order

 If we do not focus on the heart and the energetic beats it produces, we will not be able to reach an inner world order and feel part of the whole creation as we should feel, we will not find our purpose for which we came into the world.

Note that these energetic pulses are very, very important, it is important to channel them into a clean and pure place of love and joy.

A simple work of this energetic channeling will bring results you did not expect, the results will shock you to the point of tears, you will understand how important the

simple matter of respecting our heart .



An out-of-body experience

 What happens when a person goes through an out-of-body experience, surely few of you have experienced this, although it is a controversial topic. Those who have gone through this experience know that our body cannot be automatically connected to a place of pure energy, this is because of all the experiences we have gone through, from what we have learned, from our fears, beliefs, and questions.

The way to connect the body to a purely energetic field where the heart wave will be a simple and effective, is simple- breathing! while breathing we must say words of strength such as love, confidence… every reinforcing word which makes you feel good.

Simple breathing at the beginning of the process balances the environmental energy balance and synchronizes the energy around us, which we channel in our favor. It will be easier for the heart to transmit pulses into an environment where everything is balanced and not eclectic, so regular breathing, with the intention of strength and feeling good is the way to start. Beyond that, we will pay attention to our facial expression.

Our expression - our countenance, is the mirror of the heart that is in a bubble, open to experience.

 An angry, irritated, countenance shows how difficult it is for our energy inside the body. Like a spring ball bouncing in a cylinder – bouncing from wall to wall without purpose.

Notice how many times we feel trapped inside our bodies with a feeling of imprisonment or suffocation – smile! A genuine, calm smile transmits to the universe peace, calmness, and a state in which positive energetic pulses can be transmitted outward. Do not hesitate to use a positive countenance while breathing regularly and with reinforcing intention.

It's not at all easy to understand the meaning of all these things, but it does have great meaning, and it explains a lot of situations where people are trapped in a closed cycle of depression or stress and don't understand how to get out of it, what causes it and why the hell they got there.

Were we headed

Stop wondering and just begin to understand the meaning for which you live! You have meaning! Everyone has meaning and each in his own way will bring about radical change to the world for his own good and for the common good that will ultimately bring about global change.

Your purpose in this world is different and everyone comes with some kind of bag that they need to unpack and then refill. That bag is within a message that is in the heart.

Before we begin to get to the important information of the message and the goal, we must first understand how much we miss the goal in the first place.

The purpose in this world is simple, to fill the world with bliss.

Supreme happiness 😊

 Supreme happiness cannot be explained in words, it is a feeling that is simply hard to expalin, I am sure that most of you have never felt it.

It's too bad, because it's buried deep inside you, you don't even dare to imagine this feeling. This feeling of bliss brings all our energy to its precise utilization and makes us fulfill our purpose.

What would make you feel blissful, you ask? First, must understand that bliss isn't the same happiness you feel when you eat something delicious or when you kiss your child on the cheek – it's common happiness, specific for a particular detail in your life. Supreme happiness is a feeling that envelops the body inside and out. Basically, it means that the heart at this moment has transmitted high pulses of pure energy, and it comes out of your body in a very precise, pure, clean, and intentional way.

For this to happen we must purify it and release it, giving it its place and its purpose.

How does it work!

First, we will give ourselves rest, peace and quiet, breathing with strengthening words and listening to the heart's activity. Then, we will point the hand above the heart and say to ourselves in a simple way, "I wish to release the divine energy that is within my heart into the universe at this moment, I wish to transmit the divine energy that is within my heart to the universe, to people, nature, to the sky in a pure, clean, joyful and happy way. I approve of releasing that energy right now."

We will do this again and again until we begin to feel slight tingling in the body, pleasant tingling and tickling which we release into the body while continue to focus on the heartbeat and forget about everything - quiet, peace and calm, this is what will bring the energy to immediate release.

This immediate release creates a strong energetic field around us, then a sense of bliss will come.

At first you will feel a little strange maybe for a second, every time you do it again the feeling will become stronger, you will start to feel the feeling stronger and clearer, at some point, you will expand the periods of time when that feeling will control over you.

Controlling this sensation is a start point in order to control our heart energy. From this point we can channel it to the places we originally planned.


The purpose of the beats, beyond being blood circulating throughout the body and maintaining proper activity of our organs, is to bring us to a place where we feel the purpose as already happens.

The feeling of supreme happiness that surrounds us returns us to the bubble of creation where is no judgment - everything is beautiful, perfect and can be done and achieved. There are no limits and no evil, this feeling of happiness is very characteristic to the initial feeling of boundless love, and this brings us to a refined energy of creation and fulfillment.

From the moment you learn to feel this supreme feeling, you will be able to identify different patterns of behavior in you and whoever will do it with you. These are patterns of behavior that characterize calm, quiet and introverted people, but this is not the case! The inner peace will bring with it peace and self-calm and emphasis the things that really matter. This behavior will show you that everything is possible, the boundaries will blur, and you will no longer see a threat in an environment where there is a certain hostility or restriction that was there before.

In order to maintain this feeling and in your life, you must choose to trust your heartbeat, to trust yourself and your capablity of doing so without question, without a doubt or a condition that can undermine this belief, your beliefs are directly affected by an obsessive thought that does not leave and causes you to make wrong decisions about your actions and your perception of the world. As well as acceptable or unacceptable behavior in society.

This does not mean that you need to abstain or significantly turn your life upside down. in general, the small act in which you focus on your heartbeat will bring you to a higher mental level and you will feel the change in life without making any other physical or significant change.

The great change will come mainly from the inside out, in the feeling of acceptance, joy and calm which will make you decide the continuation of your life and actions in the process. The decisions will be considered and acceptable to you, even though you may not have thought about the issue before.

pure energy

Energy for the environment

 The first sign that will arise in you is the intense need for peace of mind. In other words, dealing with less marginal issues will interest you and you will understand what is really important to you, from that point the first goal will become clear to you like a summer day after a rainstorm and you will understand where you are headed and what you must do in this life in order to fulfill the first goal for which you came here.

This understanding is simple but extremely important for preparing your journey towards this self-realization.

This cannot be done without understanding that the heart is an inseparable part of the energy of creation and this stage cannot be skipped, as it is a very important stage in the personal development of each one of you.

Let's say there is a person who has children, and all the children are learning and doing well in school, he worried if they will not finish or retire or make some other extreme decision that will not be to his liking - how will you react to this situation? Is it relevant? Why is the question asked? because every decision has a consequence, if our children decide to make these and other decisions, we have nothing to do about it, it should probably be that way. It is not possible to control another person's energy and it is not possible to dictate for another person how to channel his energy. But we can transmit our own energy towards the environment, including our children, to help them find the right way.

It's not a mystery and there are no riddles in it, it's very simple - to help our loved ones who don't know about it or don't do it themselves, we can help guide them to the right path without intervention. The path is theirs and each one is destined for a specific direction which he will complete with knowledge of how to route their energetic code effectively.

You must try.

 Maybe something in you is telling you that there is something here, maybe it is just nonsense, I urge you to try. This information does not appear out of nowhere, especially now when there is an extreme need for global energy change.

It's time for people to recognize their power and start summoning the life they supposed to live. Don't live without any control, intention, or purpose.

You didn't come to survive; you came to live! Everyone is born because they were designed to be born and have a plan. Most of you don't fill it in, don't even understand what it's about.

This is a first, implemented, agreed-upon, intentional plan that has an end goal that you must complete.

Those who understand the plan will go through easy stages that are intertwined with life, in the end they will reach the goal unscathed, happily, and calmly. Others struggles all their life on their own, rebelling, frustrating, hurting, ending life, or endangering it. This is not the way! It's a shame that this is how you could spend your life.

Take control, take initiative, and do not neglect your heartbeat in vain.

The goal is one! success!

success by standing up to the initial plan is a supreme goal.

Mark a place and time where you want to start, make a conscious and highlighted milestone right now. This milestone will be a new beginning for you. A place where you choose to start making the most of your plan. This is neither a game nor an amusement - it is life itself as it should be.

True wisdom depends on the human body carried by the soul. The soul has many names, but one thing can be said about it that it is timeless, full of endless information that has been stored in it for generations.

In every generation, there are people that born with important information for human development, they carry it in their souls, and those who are not afraid unload it into the physical world and trigger very significant changes in human life. Everyone has this information, but few really dare to unpack it and use it.

Unpacking information is done by linking both things. One is a deep understanding that our heart is not just a beating organ, the second is that our brain has a very important function.

The transmission of the brain to the heart is done efficiently if only we give it the right signal to do so, the signal to transmit information to the heart is very simple and depends on the mental exhaustion of the person.

A troubled and frustrated person does not provide proper information and disrupts the transmission, a person knows that everything is good for him transmits the frequency clean and precise, then the following thing happens: the heart receives the information, processes it and emits out to an energetic frequency relevant to that moment, then a revolutionary idea pops in the head of a person. 

From that moment on, a person works in favor of realizing the idea at every level of his limbs without thinking negatively, without fear, since this is the right frequency for him.

This is how good ideas are born.

 That's how we reach goals.

 A person who has a lot of troubles- dealing with blandness, cannot reach this level of clean energy and sustain his mission. Someday people will understand this in early age, but today it is necessary to bring it to the attention of the public that there is no content in life on Earth if we can't live it as we should.

The reason we all came to this world is simple and amazing. Minimization of human life is fundamentally wrong.  life is full of surprises; we need to grasp this appropriate moment and make a real inner change in our favor. we shouldn't fall into the trap of immediate gratification from unreal things.

Mark a day and time when you really started living, when you really started breathing! The way you breathe is flat and inadequate. Deeper, longer breaths bring the person to a new awareness. At the same time, attention to the heartbeat together with good energy of love and tenderness find our existence to a cleaner, simpler, more flowing place.

Do not hesitate to try, do not hesitate to ask for peace and quiet when needed. This point at which a person stands on his own, in his own silence, is an important and life-changing moment


A sign of life

 An essential sign of life is understanding that  we live our lives aimlessly , without a clear goal , as soon as this knowledge reaches us - a real sign of life arises, creates a desire to pursue something that makes us feel satisfied and pleasure.

This sign of life is usually formed in human readiness in which the person understands that he is ready to give up obstacles and is not afraid of consequences, since the process and the result is a decisive factor against making decisions on this issue.

Signs of life, as we call it, are a clear recognition of the desire to live.

What does this mean? Most people understand in one way or another that they must face several tasks in order to reach the goals they have set for themselves.

These goals are usually artificial and unreal, since they did not choose them -somebody chose for them, therefore reaching this goal is exhausting, involves suffering, fear, frustration and often failure.

Goals are basically a series of mundane tasks that no one really knows whether it is right or wrong to achieve. Nevertheless, they do so because there is no other knowledge on the subject.

Here comes a clear sign of life in which people realize that they have made a mistake or realize that they no longer have the will to continue living as they have lived until now.

How do we recognize a sign of life when it appears?

 First, we will try to understand what brought us to the situation in the first place. Whether we are happy or not, there is something that made us choose. Simple or complex causes it does not matter, what matters is the result.

When performing a seemingly simple action, something very basic will suddenly become clear to us. It can be anything small or big, such as during laundry, suddenly we will discover that the clothes we wash are nothing but tailored rags and should not be given too much meaning, or vice versa, we will discover that this is our essence - to design a beautiful, tailored garment.

A simple action that occupies us daily can cause us to discover new worlds if we give our minds freedom of thought, freedom of information and not be disturbed by daily life that fills our brains and prevents us from open-mindedness, which is followed by signs of meaningful life.

Another sign of life can come in the form of sitting idle, clearing our minds of thoughts, and discovering that there is something very important that needs to be done that does not involve tasks but a sense of fulfillment.

It can be anything that can make us feel good and fulfilled. This sign is meant to let us understand that everything requires some peace of mind and unity with the inner part, which has necessary and important information for the rest of our lives.

As soon as there is a sense of desire for something that will bring us immediate gratification and arouse in us curiosity, happiness, and completion - it must be done.

calmness is the way to pure energy


We feel a sign of life in a moment of stress, stress brings with it the consequences of mental extremes, sometimes during stress, emotions sharpen, and ideas are born into a simple state of acceptance.

Stress is a simple condition in which our energy rises immediately and radically, then bodily sensations are sharpened and measured by a reckless act. But the real sensations that are born during this state bring with them a sudden sense of calm or clarification of a subject that will make us stop chasing our own tail.

From the moment you received a clear sign of life, you will realize that there is something more than what you are used to do, there is a certain goal that must be reached in the clearest, most satisfying, and challenging way possible. It's time to bring your heartbeat into the picture, give it the appropriate weight along with breathing and clarifying intentions.

From that moment on, your work is condensed into a small number of actions toward the fulfillment of a life purpose.

Next, focus

You have not come into this world to suffer nor to cause suffering to others, this is a tangible deviation from your goal, it means that you are going in a completely different direction, and you still have much to learn.

Let me be clear, not everyone can discover their purpose. As sad as it is, it's a fact that needs to be dealt with. Although everyone can understand this, not everyone is willing to sacrifice the familiar for an unknown "adventure" in advance.

The thing is, it's not an "adventure" but the reason you came here. Pleasure has become a kind of curse or taboo, people in the world should not have fun just like that if it doesn't have a specific purpose or they don't deserve it, that's mistake. Enjoying life is an integral part of being human. Everything else is unnatural and incomprehensible, everything else is created by a wrong life in the first place. People have chosen the wrong life path, living in suffering, frustration, pain, fear and think that this is the norm. Mistake in their hands! The norm is pleasure, joy, laughter, and entertainment while we are busy with stupid nonsense, spending time in unprofitable businesses, receiving unnecessary information and judging other situations and people.

Starting a new life right now!

 Stand up, shake the chains you have bound yourself for a long time. Stand up straight,look at yourself, around you. What would you change now? What will make you run happy?

 Close your eyes and imagine yourself facing a high, long cliff. Below there are rocks and a raging sea, you must jump but are afraid. Behind you a convoy of fighters come towards you, fear envelops you... The convoy is approaching, the cliff narrowing under your feet. All you must do is jump and believe that it will be okay, something will happen, something will save you.

A sense of liberation and freedom seizes you and you jump thinking about the sea. Great excitement, the heart beats fast, every beat transmits pure energy to the universe. You don't land, you stay to fly. Flying in the sky, floating, the sea is getting smaller under your feet and the universe is unbelievably big. The fear disappeared, the pressure passed, all that remained was a sense of liberation, freedom, and happiness. Now just decide where to fly, right or left? Nothing limits you and no one tells you what to do.

You will land with this feeling on safe ground and from now on you will continue to walk on the ground with a kind of light levitation and excitement in your heart. Freedom of thought - there are no more fears, no restrictions, everything is as open as in heaven.

Mark this day as the beginning, the beginning of a new life. A little sign of life is coming to you right now, take advantage of it.

Hidden information, what is it?

In a world where things are visible, there are hidden things. These hidden things are meant so that humanity does not experience trauma and criticism of what is less understood and less accepted by mankind.

The only reason some people are exposed to the unseen is because they wanted to. they willing to experience the world to the fullest instead of hiding behind what is understood and known.

Some of the things that are not visible are right under the noses of all people - the reason for this is simple, to continue a simple and standard lifestyle, there are certain elements that need to be experienced and felt even if you do not know why, for what reason and where it comes from.

What happens to a person who chooses to see this instead of hiding under accepted information? The person who chooses to do so, changes his view of the world and life and begins to experience differently, but satisfactorily, from other people.

His worldview changes accordingly and he is willing to expose to additional information, other aspects that are visible and undisclosed the surface.

circle energy field

Circle or square.

 Has anyone ever tried to figure out why there is a ball and why there is a square? What are the standards of measure of both and why is the measure standards different. The reason for this is simple - you can't penetrate through a ball the way you can penetrate through a square and it's very simple. The more we look at the square, the more we will understand that everything is linear, straight, simple, and measurable. When we look at a circle, we will understand that its internal volume is different and it is difficult to penetrate it without changing its shape, it is difficult to measure it without trying to find a starting and ending point, its volume is fundamentally different.

This is how an energetic world surrounds us works, because of the difficulty in measuring and the difficulty in understanding how we act, our environment is immersed deep in a metaphorical square when a large circle around us , our surroundings has a lot similar but different circles.

These circuits are designed to create a highly concentrated energetic area that communicates with each other at any point and at any given moment.

Unlike a square that has distant corners and areas, in a circle everything is equal, and all points are connected at the same time. This situation causes us to move within the atmosphere, usually in a circular manner, anyone who dares to examine the world a little beyond and dares to dive into the circle understands that there is an energetic center with very large concentration of information that communicates with all the ends of the circle.

This energetic center is transmitted by invisible but very powerful electrical pulses which affect events in human life and in the whole world.

Disconnect and connect.

 Everyone has such an energetic center, above it there is a larger center and above more and more. A person's communication with his energetic center should be clear and filtered from background noise. These background noises can be filtered by centering a core energy within the person by listening to the beating heart.

A very effective filter can be done by choosing a type of music or even diving into deep water that disconnects the person from the earth.

Any background noise filtering that causes one to unite with its center faxes it and causes it to start sending energetic signals into the chrome of the circuit that surround him and communicating with larger surrounding circuits. 

It is very interesting to understand the following – there is no person who can dive himself into his energetic circle who is unable to contact external circles.

It is very simple, once this connection is established, the information that revealed to the person directly affects his communication with the world, other people and puts him in proportion to the worries and concerns with which he has dealt up until that moment.

Once a person understands the magnitude of the energetic environment in which he is located and the effect he has on this energetic chromium in the micro and macro - there is no other way to describe the great disappointment he will feel from not knowing it before.

Let's distinguish between emotions!

 There is a very simple way to bring a person to this state of existence, but this way is made up of several factors that need to be understood and merged into an existing , fixed consciousness that people have today.

Suppose there is a jug with water on the table and the jug falls, the water spills. Will we wipe the water first or return the jug? This question presents a person with a simple dilemma, but it involves priority. In a simple order of priority it does not really matter what we do first, but if it is a situation involving emotions, people and sensitive situations we encounter walls of stuckness and therefore any situation in which we are hit by a wall due to one emotion or another, it is a situation in which we do not penetrate the heart of the energetic circle and remain to move in circles on its shell only.

Emotion signals is the right way to act, but it does not mean that even though there is some strong emotion, we should skip and restrain our will. It should be noted that the end of the act of forethought - this is a correct and accurate sentence that if you want to move into the center, you will make many painful "sacrifices" along the way that ultimately deprived you of this pleasure in the first place. You will know how to differentiate between an emotion that inhibits unpleasantness, habit, consideration, and a genuine emotion for something that ultimately leads you to the right place.

Upside down

An energetic center is built from a very high concentration of three- and two-dimensional particles designed to serve the pulses. If we are inside the energetic center and the energy is transmitted directly from us outward, we will communicate with the environment and move on. If we stay at the edges, we will feel only a few flashes that will reach us or only an echo of other flashes, but never the aim itself, the core, the center, the powerful force that is right next to us.

The way to know that we are inside our energetic center is simple – in fact, the energy center itself is calmer than ever, devoid of drama, color, and sound.

Let's put our minds and hearts in order.

Listen to music, it relaxes, transmits electrical pulses from the brain to the energetic center in which the person is located. These pulses are a docking station on the way to a higher configuration of cosmic energy that returns energetic pulses back to us.

Human is an energetic creature in his essence, a great deal of energetic work is happening at any given moment around in more distant circles.

We have no way of telling you how and how much to release your energetic pulses, remember a very important thing - this energetic center in which you live is your source for everything you need and want in this world. It must be preserved, nurtured, and operated very effectively.

A person who knows this lives a fuller, more fulfilling, and even healthier life. The energy configuration we produce is directly influenced by the well-being and lifestyle in which we choose to live.

Don't "Holding inn" – "Holiday inn" instead

Don't get confused, your lifestyle is influenced by the past habits, but that doesn't mean that's how you should proceed. Don't have trouble disconnecting from things you no longer need, know how to get rid of them and throw out of your heart and head all the "garbage" that is stored there futilely. This "garbage" prevents you from continuing development, inexhaustible abilities for which you are entitled.

This entitlement is automatic to every person who was born into the world and who chose to choose them.

Most of you choose to stay in the familiar place of lack or misunderstanding or frustration that ultimately makes you want to live again from scratch and learn to work on your powers as efficiently as possible on Earth.

It's all in your hands

Note that we have no way of forcing you to understand this or making you do it, you must decide for yourself the path you choose. It's a shame that we don't have this power, because sometimes these things are so simple and so ridiculously symbolic, but only those who choose to see it can understand the situation and follow this path.

Sometimes there is no choice, and we choose a person who must understand it the hard way. That person sobers up and understands, but sometimes it doesn't happen.

How do you not understand??

After all, all this and more remains only to decide - one simple decision that can change your life forever and give you the great satisfaction you seek.

Let us guide you to the ideal path that will ultimately lead to a very clear reality in a region where there is no other way but to see the truth as it is.

The truth consists of several different factors:

 One, you have a blindfold so that you don't get blinded by the strong light you're wrapped in, this cover is designed to prevent you from wanting to understand the real facts. This cover was off from people who chose to do so. The strong Light always protects you from harm unless you insist on not seeing it .

The second part is knowing that there is nothing else but the beating heart within you that you must understand. Your heart, as it has been said, is your necessary source of energy and therefore use it wisely.

Apart from living as a source of life, it is your energetic heart that is very, very neglected for most of you.

The third and most important part is knowing that there is no other way but the simplest way of living on earth in the most banal and simple way possible. The complication you have created for yourself regarding the size of possessions, money, and all the materiality that surrounds you does not lead you to a central source without negativity, but quite the opposite. All that leads you to a negative and disturbing source is the pursuit of material that you must accept and brag to others – which is unacceptable and extinguished. 

Please stop! Stop trying to change others, stop showing the world your possessions and achievements, it's irrelevant. You want happiness, joy and pleasure and it's the opposite of happiness and you pursue. It is not in the objects but in your heart, which you have completely neglected! The same beating heart that keeps you alive, that heart that sits inside you is neglected and not properly cared for.

A simple act of control and recognition will take away the uncertain burden that you have been carrying for years and years and are unable to let go.

Let go of the reins, stop thinking nonsense and pay attention to the important things in life .

Mark the day you decided to make and accept the change.

This day is the sign when you decide to change this despicable path and give yourself your powers back, take them now! Don't waste a single unnecessary minute trying to figure out where to get answers and solutions. Just decide now that that's it, the solution has been found and it's right here, right now you've found the answer.

There are no more excuses and no more escapes, your life is here and now has taken a turn, a turn in which you decide to continue from here- a conscious and special.

A person who knows that, changes his thought and decision.

Decide now that it was time to stop for a moment, understand that there was no more choice, we had reached a dead end and from now on only to go upstairs, not to go straight.

The way up is paved. Energetic extraction that will eventually bring you to peace and tranquility with yourself and your surroundings.

Give yourself this gift without fear, there is nothing to fear, everything here is simple and visible.

So how do we proceed from here? Start by sitting down and breath deep into your body, feeling your bones, heart, and internal organs. Try to notice the heartbeat and cross your hands so that they touch the heart area. Target the supreme feeling we talked about. It is extremely important to bring yourself to a state where the energy produced outward will be pure and real.

After you have done the processes of heartbeat along with a supreme sense of happiness, you want a moment to rest a little and look inside yourself, to see for a second what is important to you right now.

Is this something you have or don't have? What would you like that important thing to be for you? Understand that important thing has no purpose, it's just something that matters to you. If you don't have it, then just try to feel this intense need and the satisfying feeling of receiving it. Do not be afraid to lose concentration for a moment, there is an answer, and it is clear: avoid unnecessary frustration over what is not matter, this avoidance will cause your energetic window to close and create a perfect cycle of energetic cycles pulses in which everything you dreamed of takes place.

A sense of frustration over what you don't have hinders and eliminates any chance of this inner acceptance, make room for acceptance and love for what is.

Everything important is waiting around the corner for you to take, but it cannot come to a person who is not ready to receive it, so it is most important to remember that there is nothing you cannot accept.

Just make peace with yourself, stop anger and frustration, lower defenses, and fears. Complete a pure energetic cycle of true love for yourself, your environment and what you are in this world.

An important thing to have...!

 For those people who have the important thing available, just remember to maintain a positive and emotionally attitude.

Your circle is complete, so create a simple pattern of fearless acceptance and repetition. A simple understanding that you are holding onto something you love motivates you to pave the way to energetic fulfillment which can eventually create another larger circle and attract more important things to you. You shouldn't let the energy out on something unimportant! This is a futile waste, that person may end up losing what is important to him. Please remember that you are the center of your universe, take care of yourself and your energy as you guard something that is important to you. Beware of situations where you release a lot of energy uselessly and then the pulses that serve as an anchor for you also escape. 

The best example that can be given in this situation is, when a mother shouts at her children and momentarily loses the feeling that they are a very important source of energy for her, she releases out a lot of strong energy that does not return to her and the same pulses are released from her entire circle, the children experience a strong resonance of energy and do not necessarily absorb it but reflect back , then a situation of unnecessary ping pong resonance is created in which something important loses its importance. Remember, children are magnets for energetic pulses and anyone who emits more positive pulses in their direction attracts them and completes the circle. 

Remember, we all communicate by energetic pulses, so you need to emit positive pulses and you will attract positive people and positive states that will complete the cycle. Every negative pulse emitted in your direction releases the circuit and creates poor absorption that disrupts the circuit and introduces negative energy that is not rushed out unless it is released. 

Try not to bring this energy into you and not to emit it.

Maintain balance, energy balance and positive pulses within the inner circle which gives you the ability to mark when and where you need to move towards your voluntary direction.

Our story !

 In special times a truth is revealed to us, it does not really affect us, but it makes us think.

At these times, we will take ourselves for a moment to a source of calm and tranquility to digest and understand what is revealed to us.

This truth has nothing to do with the exha

ustion of life but with the conclusions. It has been some time since you have an idea or knowledge that has turned the rest of your life upside down if it ever happened to you.

There are people who can attest that there are certain things that change lives, but the main thing about it is the idea that people are willing to make real change following truths that are revealed to them.

One thing I have to say to anyone reading these lines is that no story written or said about you that you told yourself justifies your behavior or decision-making or simply projects itself onto your life.

Any story told by you can be changed, any information that affects your life can be rewritten and changed in the direction you want. There is no stopping and no fact that can cause you to go in the same direction that you are not interested in.

Just take the time to put your thoughts in order and understand that nothings in this life are permanent and absolute.

The decision to change direction stems solely from inertia that leads us to a place of making simple but important decisions for a better and differently planned story than you thought.

How do we change the story we tell?

 There will always be distractions coming from all sorts of directions, there will always be interruptions that disrupt the program but remember; only one thing can change your chosen path and that is daring! Audacity is important to strive for the life we really want.

 Hearing this truth, many people choose to continue their path and not really delve into and understand what it means. The comfort zone is the deciding factor in this situation and many people like to feel comfortable in their lifes and not dare to move towards their goals. But there are those who decide to move towards the goal and become their own goal.

What does this mean? Trying to achieve a goal is just one factor among many that cause people to change their lives and strive towards the goal when, it is not the goal that matters but the change that the person undergoes in this process.

When a person reaches a goal, he understands that there is no other way to define it, but something that is self-evident, and therefore the change he made on the way ,is what will ultimately change his life.

There will always be more and more goal and always reaching that goal will be accompanied by a deep change within the person who will exhaust the past and decide to strive forward.

The solution is right here

 The past has already existed, the most important change that man makes is the decision that he chose to take. A solution can be in the form of a simple decision-making structure or simply a minor change in the subconscious mind in which there is a room for mistakes and everything that happens is not a mistake but another path to strive forward.

Forget that the world is full of hostility – that's not true! What is hostile to us is simply not properly revealed. Forget all this nonsense about evil and evil intentions. It is irrelevant to you, and it diverts you from the straight path you can walk on, deviating in the wrong direction appreciates the way and makes you walk in circles.

This deviation can manifest itself in stage fright or fear of outcome or influence from a third party that makes you think you have no chance or simply does not believe, you can fall into this trap that is holding you back and causing you to deviate from the path you wanted to go.

healing our selfs and make our life better

Pay attention to the signs...!

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and set a goal that will be possible for you easily and without any problem, in this second you will decide to go for it with all you might. Mark that moment when you decided to go towards the goal and notice small changes. These small changes are meant to signal the right path you need to tread. Pay attention to the signs and people that are sent to you. These people will be very stable and very optimistic wherever they are. The moment you realize you're on the right track is when someone tells you how long you haven't seen each other and how much you've changed.

This change is welcome, it is a sign that you are aware of the path and want to improve, advance, and reach a better place.

Pay attention to a very important thing that can happen down the road, it is possible that one of your acquaintances will suddenly stop contacting with you without any motive on your part, that's okay. This means that you are no longer ready to accept the situation as it is and have decided to move on the right path.

The changes you experience will attract many reasons for reaction and special situations in which you will have to take care of yourself. Do not be afraid - nothing will undermine you.

Your mission is simple and clear

To reach a better place with yourself, in your own body, in your life, in your relationship and in the world in which you live.

Forget all the regrets and all the disturbing thoughts, it is irrelevant now. Just go with the flow and take the changes with both hands, move on and finish with the old past.

What happens from this point on has no meaning to your past and to the people you knew. Cut these things like a heavy cable dragging behind you and tracking you, run forward - fly for your life beyond recognition.

Set different and special goals, mark the day you let go of the past and focus on the present.

The present is what will bring you to a better future, the present is what creates the future through healthy and fruitful discourse, with correct and happy decision making. Mental and physical health and a true appreciation for life itself.

There is no one who will replace you in making decisions and no one who understands what you really want and need.

That moment when you have a wrong conclusion ruins your path to a planned future. Avoid quick conclusions, try again, think again, and don't rush to finish moves because the conclusion was too fast.

We're here to protect you! 

Energetic sound, what is it?

Listen to the sound, sounds are known as some kind of music but there is much more to that. Sound can alter consciousness, change mood, cause depression, or release stress. In sound there are many elements that we are not aware of.

An energetic sound has no reason to be played unless it can change consciousness. That is, take for example the sound of glass breaking, if we do not know this sound, we will not understand, but we hear it and know that it is glass and therefore the sound of glass has several elements that make us understand that it is glass. If we take a sound from a high level of consciousness, we will hear something strange and unfamiliar because it is a sound that we are not used to hear, it's a high vibration which has a lot of synonymous meaning. Beyond the fact that it passes through our ears, it returns to us a dormant energy that has not been activated until now, therefore we tend to rejoice or vice versa, when we hear something unfamiliar and unknown.

If we hear an unfamiliar sound, we will not always understand what we need to do and how to react. Therefor there are a lot of elements in the sound that we miss and do not give the right emphasis.

pure and clean energy

What does an energetic sound, sound like?

 The right sound is flowing and pleasant to the ear so that there is no resistance to continue hearing and there is no reason to stop this sound, a sound that is not intended for us will flow and cause discomfort.

Certain sounds must penetrate our consciousness in a clear and uncompromising way. The above sounds are found inside our heart with which we emit energy. How do we hear them? In the energy that returns to us in the form of sound. The more pleasant the energy that returns to us in the form of sound and the more appropriate it is to human nature, the higher and more positive the sound it produces through a higher and positive energetic frequency.

It is important to understand that these sounds are meant for us and therefore will not be heard elsewhere, how does such a sound? This is another question; we hear them only with our ears.

From the small and short tinnitus of sound inside the ear, which makes us understand whether the sound is pleasant or not. Usually, we tuned to external music rather than internal, so even when it arrives you should not miss or neutralize it by blocking your ears or the environment you are in. The above sound is very important for self-diagnosis and whether the energy we emit out is positive and high or poor or not pure enough.

To diagnose the nature of the sound, we must listen when it arrives and understand whether it sounds a positive energetic sound or a muffled, dense, and unsmooth sound.

If the sound reaches its clear form, we will know that we are in the right direction.

As music to our ears...!

Sometimes we simply forget that we are dynamic and energetic beings in a foreign body, in its natural environment, therefore the way to communicate between the minds. The body and the environment are always found in a smooth and clear form in which the mind can perceive and emit.

This does not mean that the physical body doesn’t has a purpose, it has a lot of magic that serves the soul to act and exist in this world and in this way, but there is no ability to communicate between the mental world and the physical world, therefore it functions mainly as an admiring body which we feed in order to exist. The nature of such existence should not be held accountable, it is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the mind that is in the body wants to act for our benefit, therefore uses the organs of the body to help itself find the solutions it needs.

Our body is a well-oiled machine that transmits the right pulses outward with the help of the heart. But mind moves the heart. The sound that you sometimes hear inside you is a real sound that is meant for you and should not be compared to any other sound.

Let's talk about death for a moment!

The human machine, as it can be called, ends its activity at the end of its life and the soul moves on to the next worlds. Forget all the disturbing thoughts about death, it's one big illusion because there's no such thing. Death to the body is basically the end of an activity and a new beginning.

The knowledge of death is used by some people for mental strength and even endurance, for others simply transformation without any complication. In the end, most of us try to protect our bodies from injury, an injury that may harm us, we are very busy by thinking about the end of life and the way we went and how we will get through the road that awaits us. We forget one important thing - there is no such thing as a future or a past!

Now is the time! That way is now! And now is the time to say what we really want, not to wait for the future or climate change because nothing will really happen unless we decide now that it happens.

We try to explain to you something more fundamental than sound, sound is your diagnosis of current energy - whether high or low but the important thing is to keep energy high without any hesitation.

The sound is only a diagnosis and comes at a time when it needs to arrive or mark some sign that it is time for an energetic diagnosis and we will not necessarily hear it all the time, but when we do, we will know how to stop for a second and make a diagnosis about the energetic state at that moment.


To be continuous….


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