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Setting goals and the way to achieve them

The next post is automatic writing and everything written here is information that came to me freely and unknowingly (I just added titles :)

Written on: 24.10.23

Imagine a dream!

A dream where everything is possible, everything is accessible and guaranteed, would you like to live in such a dream? Probably yes, but you are wrong. The reason for this mistake is because you don't really want to sit back and wait for things to come to your reality by themselves, you want the challenges, the work, the curiosity, and the dream.

If everything was so accessible and simple, life would be boring and full of frustration, you won't live well enough to fulfill yourself in this life.


The challenges were born because there is a real need to feel the goal, to strive to achieve it -then the result is a lift, regardless of the goal itself.

If everything was terribly simple and boring, there would be no reason to live, It's a simple as that!

To understand the essence of the above things, you must first understand all those things that you are trying to get rid of and stop feeling. After all, inside all of us there is a desire to ease ourselves as much as possible, but we simply do not understand this thing and how much it helps us to fulfill the same things we want to receive.

Action is life!

Imagine a cabin in the middle of the forest, an old and warm cabin that looks the same from everywhere, you enter the cabin, and it is small and warm, protects against wind, snow, rain and more. A person lives in this cabin and enjoys it for a year, two years and at some point, that person realizes that this cabin is not big enough and needs to be enlarged, the garden outside is not well cared for and needs some work, at some point he realizing it is time to build a new cabin because this one is small and boring.

This is how a person expresses himself - by doing, setting an intention, and setting goals. If a person has nothing to do and no goals, he will not develop and will not flow in other directions that can bring him to a much more fascinating life.

Focus on one goal

We must understand that there is range of choices and many ways to reach our goals, we should not believe that there are no solutions, we always have a choice!

All of us have a multitude goals, we must remember one important thing -there is no limit of goal setting, so we must choose one goal at a time, focus on its fulfillment, achieve it, then set a new goal

When we set ourselves multitude goals, we lose focus, we are not quite sure of the most correct way to achieve them and gives up before achieving it, which makes us think that the goal cannot be achieved.

Since the rationale is to get what we asked for, focusing on one goal at a time, makes all our efforts to achieve it.

Plain as the nose on your face

There is no other way but the one chosen by a person who feels that the goal is his own desire and not an imitation of others, in addition to that, the desire should be pure and plain as the nose on your face    for a person who wants to fulfill his goals

A person who understands his goal and the results it may bring with it, should also understand the price he will have to pay to fulfil it.

No one that wants to achieve his goal and fully understood the price he must pay, or the results. That is why it is important to understand and analyze the process so that together we can easily succeed, without unnecessary difficulties.

The wisdom of impulsiveness

In addition to being sensitive people and having many feelings, we are impulsive. It gives us the possibility to explore things that we don't necessarily want but out of an inner urge to try something new or simply an uncontrollable feeling of our desires.

Impulsivity is a well-known and recognized reason which, sometimes, causes uncalculated mistakes. Knowing that this exists in us helps us discern whether the goal is doable or something impulsive and pointless. Therefore, you will know for yourself whether to continue striving for this goal or to give it up in advance and save unnecessary energy.

Despite the above things, it is important to remember that most of the goals that people set for themselves are meant to be fulfilled, even if they are not the true and authentic goals, self-fulfillment during this process brings us to a higher scale of self-value and allows us to create new and better goals.

Therefore, persistence and self-expression in an uncompromising life allow us and those around us to live in a more appropriate and abstract way than we usually allow ourselves.

the perfect life can be achieved easily
imagine a dream -setting goals ans the way to achieve them

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