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Being a happy person is a choice- online guide to happiness,fulfillment and gratitude

Approaches to happiness

by Ilana Shmula

Welcome to my world


I decided to write a blog, with heavenly messages to improve our standard of living and understanding of our existence in this complex world.

Why heavenly messages? Because I start  to listen to the universe, trying to absorb its constant guidance, to make my life easier and to make guided decisions.

We all can do so if we will just listen, let go of control and let the guides lead us to the best place for us in every area of ​​life.

As soon as I started listening, it could not be stopped. The amount of information received is simply unfathomable - it is impossible to remember everything, so I started writing.


In this post I will write a small introduction, in a nutshell, what inner happiness is and later I will go into details and more precise guidance.

Now to the matter at hand:

I will not introduce myself in this post, (I already did that on my website but I will write here that I am a happy person! How does this relate to wish fulfillment? By gratitude! bear with me for a moment...


Yes, it is possible to be happy even if I don't have a villa by the sea and even if I don't drive a big jeep or if I don't wear designer clothes. Even if there is a disability in my family, it is possible to be happy, if I don't have a model figure or if I still haven't achieved all my goals. (even though my first children's book was published, which talks about this very subject).


Happiness is a choice, a choice we decide to make despite everything.

It may sound a little strange and maybe a little kitschy, but you will agree with me that even lying on a hammock under a tree can make us happy, if only for a moment.

This is what I want to write about here today.

All our lives we chase something that hasn't happened yet, chase sums of money that don't exist yet in our reality, a house, love, thinking that only when we get the above things we will be truly happy! Wrong!

We don't stop, even for a single moment, to examine our situation and understand what can make us happy right now (did I mentioned gratitude already...?), what makes us feel good right now and how to create such moments by our own initiative all the time.

 It's a pity for me to see people who live in a sad reality and educate their childrento live like this, with repeated sentences of -if...then...

Hold on a second.

look around!

Look at yourself, at your loved one - all this can disappear in an instant, are you grateful enough for what you have?

Probably not, probably most of the time people complain about what they don't have and here lies the great secret of happiness!

Yes, yes, so simple - what is here and now.

I am happy that I have children and a family, I am happy that I am healthy, that there is a roof over my head (even though today 22.11.2023 it is war time here and we are being evacuated from our home,wearing clothes that were donated to me and without a job) but I am happy that my family is here with me, I am grateful for the hot coffee in the morning and the weather outside - I choose happiness!

Only in such a state of completion and enjoyment, wishes will come true

And yes, wishes will come true in fantastic ways, sometimes it's so fantastic that it's simply unbelievable, and all this is thanks to the inner happiness and the knowledge that

everything that happens - for the better!

Yes, it's work

It is not always easy to stop for a moment and appreciate what is , initiate fun experiences to feel good. life sweeps us into all kinds of situations which sometimes difficult to get out of on a mental level, it is difficult to disconnect and initiate, it is difficult to be happy when there is rough times, at the same time this proactive work is the one that finds us out of the cycle of frustration, due to this work we will reminds to ourselves that we born to live and enjoy instead of feel sorry for yourself.

 As I already wrote, a cup of coffee is also a pleasure, jogging can be a pleasure or maybe while driving to work in the morning put your favorite music.

Take initiative steps for your happiness - choose to be happy, it is possible, and it will change your life in an instant.

manifest our dreams

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